1. If you’re winning, keep your mouth shut.

Sometimes people are loosing in life because they talk excessively.

2. Be brutally honest with your brothers.


If they fuck up, you need to tell them.
Keep your brothers on the right track.

Hold each other accountable.

3. Competence is everything.


If you’re clumsy, forgetful, or disoriented…
You won’t be respected, especially by girls.

Admit your flaws and work hard to fix them.

The greatest teachers in the history world are mistakes.


4. Do not tell lies about yourself to impress other people.

Become genuinely impressive instead.

5. Never stop working to be better.


The idea of “good enough” is weakness.
Push yourself to the limit every single day.

Never be satisfied, never grow comfortable.

6. Keep your ability to always walk away.


A man without options is a slave to his environment. The person who cares less is the person in control of the interaction.

Expand your options in every aspect of life.

7. Destroy any sense of complacency.


Weak men think they’re doing enough.
Men destined for success are always angry at themselves for not doing more.

Be afraid of feeling too comfortable.

8. Be wary of who you spend your time with.


Your circle greatly influences who you are.

Make an effort to keep it free of losers.

Push your brothers to greater heights.


The more you push others to succeed the more you’re succeeding too..

9. Guard your reputation at all costs.

What people see of you determines how they will treat you.


Always be groomed and well put together.

10. Make your word mean something.

Any man can talk a big game, but few can back it up with real-world actions.


Nobody can respect a man who only talks.

Believe and mean every word you say.