18 Lessons You Should Learn About Life

1. Even when you trust your family and close friends, don’t let them know everything about you.

2. You’ll be 10x happier if you forgive your parents and never blame them for your problems.

3. Find people smarter than you to work with. You’ll realize competition is weakness.


4. Nobody cares about your story until you’re successful. Stack the wins.

5. Real growth starts when you’re tired of your own excuses.

6. You’ll give up when you’re closer to victory. Push a little harder.


7. Anyone will control you when you’re easy to offend. Control your emotions and react less— unless pushed to.

8. If you’re passionate about success, don’t blame the distractions, improve your focus.

9. You don’t need 100 self-help books; you need consistency and self discipline.


10. If you want to be strong, learn to be alone.

11. Have friends with assets. There are zero chances they’ll betray you.

12. Don’t trust people’s words. Watch their moves. Actions never lie.


13. Problems will always exist. Learn to enjoy life while you solve them.

14. Don’t always follow your passion, follow something that’ll save you.

15. The easiest job on earth is to focus on your dreams; the hardest is to complain.


16. Fix yourself before you try to fix the world. The world is too big to fit in you but you’re too small to fit anywhere in the world.

17. Take nothing personally and save yourself from 99% of mental problems.

18. Never make your parents cry. They are the most golden assets you’ll ever have in life.


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