Top 10 lessons learned from the book “The Greatness Guide”

1. Window of opportunity
Fear makes us lose small opportunities. You must learn to run towards your fears.
Do the things that make you uncomfortable. Visit the places that scare you. Talk to people, even if you fear them. Make friends.

2. Nothing fails like success
The more you stop doing what took you up to the number one position, that is the moment you crumble.
Organizations that remain successful are humble, efficient, play faster, devoted, and add value to their clients.

3. Be a rock star at work
Be passionate about what you do. Work puts meaning into our lives.
Working hard makes you a gift to yourself and the organization. You will be happier and richer and live a fulfilling life.


4. Your days define your life
You create your future by what you do today. Nothing is small.
The smallest choices you make now have consequences.

5. Be a Lifetime Learner
A leader who reads profusely will encounter situations in which he may rely on the experience gained from a book to solve such problems.
Reading remains the best discipline anyone can cultivate.

6. Get some skin in the game
Albert Einstein describes insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same result.
You must learn to take risks in life to avoid staying in one position. Taking more risks in pursuing your dreams is rewarding.


7. Make time to think
“Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think”
–Thomas A. Edison

8. Leadership begins on the extra mile
The greatness guide teaches that leadership and success begin with the extra mile.
Ordinary people do not spend time on the extra mile.
Who says you are ordinary?

9. Reference point
Ultimately, success is about consistency in what you do.
You should pick positive reference points that will help you see alternative ways of doing things.


10. Life Lessons
Be the eternal optimist — get more joy from life and see the best in every situation
Value people — put people first, respect your friends. They will never fail you.
Be Decisive!

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