Top 5 lessons from the book “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

1.Life is dynamic
You never “figure out” what life’s about.

If you want to design your life, you must brace yourself for a journey.

The journey is about setting a direction, enjoying the process, and iterating as you go along.


2. Action precedes passion
Passion is born in action. Very few people know what they’re passionate about.

It’s only through doing many things and discovering what you like and doesn’t like that you begin to understand what you might be passionate about.

3. Finding the right problem to solve
In life If you begin working on the wrong problem, it doesn’t matter how good your solutions are.


You will find a bunch of good solutions to the wrong problems.

4. Your dream job
To get to your dream job, you need to create it.

You start with being aware of your strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, interests/non-interests, and then you start prototyping different careers based on your knowledge.


5. Assessing where you are
In order to know where you are going, your first need to know where you stand.

Life is a balance across different areas, and one way to think about life is to divide it into Health, Work, Love, and Play.

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